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Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure

Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure

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Awaken Your Sensual Energy Using Crystals and Healing Rituals, One Chakra at a Time

By Vanessa Cuccia Β 

Fair Winds Press (MA), 9781592338184, 224pp.

Publication Date:Β June 12, 2018

Unlock sensual energy, create a deeper sense of intimacy, and enhance personal pleasure with the ancient practices of crystal healing outlined in Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure, the debut book from Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia.

The flow of energy through our chakras (the seven energy centers in the body) is essential to our fundamental well-being and ability to experience full lives. When chakras get blocked, the natural flow of energy is hindered, and we experience disconnection between our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental selves. Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure combines the ancient wisdom of crystal healing with transformative rituals to help readers identify blocks and harness their sexual energy for restoration and fulfillment.

For centuries, crystals have been used as a way of releasing and harmonizing energy. Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure presents an in-depth guide for discovering the expansive potential of crystals and using them to your advantage. Whether you're new to these practices or experienced with crystal healing, this book offers all the essential information and techniques you need to get your energy flowing freely and open yourself up to greater well-being, intimacy, and sexual pleasure.

The book features:

  • A clear introduction to the body’s chakra system (or energy centers)
  • How to identify blocked chakras and create healthy energy flow
  • Essential information on crystals and how they work
  • Explorations of the deeper significance of receptivity, love, and intimacy
  • Specific exercises and rituals for using crystals to achieve greater awareness and pleasure
  • An annotated reading list of books, blogs, and websites to support you as you continue on the path of healing.

β™‘ Created by the lovelyΒ Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs
β™‘ @chakrubs on instagram

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